local_resize书名: Philosophical Papers, Vol. 2
作者: David K. Lewis (Author)
出版社: Oxford University Press, USA (March 26, 1987)
语言: English
ISBN-10: 0195036468
ISBN-13: 978-0195036466

Book Description
This is the second volume of philosophical essays by one of the most innovative and influential philosophers now writing in English. Containing thirteen papers in all, the book includes both new essays and previously published papers, some of them with extensive new postscripts reflecting Lewis’s current thinking. The papers in Volume II focus on causation and several other closely related topics, including counterfactual and indicative conditionals, the direction of time, subjective and objective probability, causation, explanation, perception, free will, and rational decision. Throughout, Lewis analyzes global features of the world in such a way as to show that they might turn out to supervene on the spatiotemporal arrangement of local qualities.

“David Lewis is one of the most talented and profound philosophers writing today.” — Mind

About the Author
David Lewis is at Princeton University.